Californians for a Free Republic!
State Affiliate of Americans United For a Free Republic!

Welcome to Our New Home on the Web!

H. R. 1146 To end membership of the United States in the United Nations. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES

We are an online group of Free Republicans residing throughout California. We'd like to invite you to join with us. Most of us are unable to participate in a regular chapter due to time or distance. We have no physical meeting place,geographic location or formal leadership. But we want to do whatever we can to restore a Conservative Agenda to our Free Republic. We've joined together to network from our homes utilizing computers, email, telephones, faxes and snail mail to get the message out to our National, State and Local representatives. We want to make a difference. We participate in signing and forwarding online petitons, polls and contacting commercial sponsors of the Liberal News Media which we have determined is biased and opposed to getting out the Truth.

We have set up an online gathering place to discuss ideas, activism and suggestions and to coordinate action and activities. We've put in many useful tools to go about this.

  • A Members' Online Meeting Room
  • A text enabled chatroom
  • An Audio/text enabled chatroom
  • An online, toolpage
  • Links to FREE and other valuable conservative, informational sites.

Our Member's online meeting room is password protected in order to ensure privacy and avoid intrusions by non-group members. You may go directly to the meetingroom by using the URL and the password you will be provided in the Welcome Message when you request information.

Please be discreet when you refer people to this site. PLEASE DO NOT SPAM govt. officials or others using the URL of this Website or our NAME.

Each of us has talents and abilities that can be utilized to achieve our goal as we work together. Your ideas, suggestions and cooperation for improving and adding to efficiency our group is encouraged and needed.
We have lots of work to accomplish in the next few months in order to restore California and our Republic to a responsible government. For the first time in 40 years Republicans control(ed) the White House and Congress by a slim margin. 2002 will be a critical election for our nation. We must succeed in getting Constitutional conservatives elected to regain the Senate and the House of Representatives! It will take the combined effort and determination of all of us.

Our Purpose! Our Goals! Our Methods!

  • To restore responsible, contitutional government to California and our Nation by supporting sound principles at all levels of government- local, county, state and national by recognizing and supporting qualified candidates for political office.To be active, alert and involved wherever and whenever we can. To work to implement an effective Voter Reform Initiative which will eliminate or reduce Voter Fraud!

  • To educate ourselves and members of our party and our communities through cooperation and interaction with other groups and organizations that share and promote our values on the issues.

  • To provide responsible leadership through involvement in our political parties and communities and by promoting and initiating activism through education, forums, letter writing and email campaigns and other lawful public means.

  • To serve as a catalyst for setting up New FR Affiliated Chapters throughout California by providing training in leadership, communication, activism and networking with other Conservative groups that share our views and values for restoring this nation as a FREE REPUBLIC.

    A Constitutional Budget - No Amendment Necessary
    In simple terms, the United States Government can not spend money on any agency, program, or initiative which is not first approved by the House of Representatives. All that is needed to stop unconstitutional spending is a simple majority of the House, 218 Constitutionally Conservative Republican Representatives, standing tall on the principles of the United States Constitution and voting against all unconstitutional spending.

Many FREE services are offered on the Internet. This website is an example. But it and the other FREE services we utilize require that Banners and commercial offers appear here! It's called the FREE Enterprise System and it works. Let's take advantage of their generosity and be grateful that we have it!